The conference will be held at the University of Pécs, Hungary. A historical town, Pécs is located in the South-West of Hungary and has successfully applied for the status of the cultural capital of Europe in 2010. Due to its geographical location and cultural position, Pécs is an ideal bridge to neighbouring non-EU member countries. Pécs is a bridge between the cultures of the Balkan and those of Western Europe and is a multicultural town itself with its nine local minority governments.

In February 1994, the Gandhi Secondary School opened in Pécs. The school is not exclusively for Roma - one fifth of its students are Hungarian - nor is it formally an ethnic Roma school, but it does focus on Roma cultural issues and teaches both the Romani and Boyash languages. The town hosted the first national Roma festival in 2005.

Pécs is the fifth largest town in Hungary, with a population of about 180,000. Lying in the South of Transdanubia, close to the border with Croatia, it has a mild, almost Mediterranean climate. Its history dates back over 2,000 years, and the name of the old Roman town, "Sopianae" is still found in the names of institutions and products. Although its development suffered several setbacks throughout the centuries, such as the Tartar invasions, or the Osman-Turkish Rule, it has not only survived, but developed into a pleasant, modern town, rich in historical monuments, an administrative, cultural, and educational center with a lot to offer to those who wish to live or study here. The town is famous for its museums, galleries, the festivals and cultural events it hosts. The National Theatre, the Philharmonic Orchestra, and the internationally renowned Ballet Ensemble offer interesting programs in addition to the Summer Festival, the International Culture Week in Pécs (ICWiP), the Pécs Days. Pécs is also the seat of Baranya County, a region with many attractions for visitors: the Mecsek Hills, the Mecsek-Siklós-Villány wine region, the spa of Harkány, the Holiday Village of Hegyszentmárton, the fascinating old villages, and historic castles (Siklós, Szigetvár, Pécsvárad, etc …)

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