Tanac concert and dancing

July 5, Thursday

A concert with an introduction to folk dancing is to be performed by Tanac

Visit to the Gandhi Secondary School

July 6, Friday

An autobus will take us from the conference-site to the Gandhi School, where we will be guided by the school principal Erika Csovcsics throughout the school buildings. She will introduce us in the present and past of the school, telling some successful stories and the challenges of Roma children education. Since at the time of our conference there is the school summer holiday, which means that both teachers and students are missing, we will have the opportunity to meet them virtually: watching a short documentary film (approximately 20 minutes) on the schools every-day life. Finally there will be a possibility to ask questions from Erika Csovcsics.

Short history of the Gandhi school

In 1994 the Gandhi Secondary School opened its doors as the first college preparatory school for Roma children in Europe with 50 students. The aim of the school is to establish a secondary school with mainly pupils of Roma origin and to train Roma intellectuals.

The School selects its students consulting teachers at primary schools in the region about their Roma students with good learning capacities. The program starts with a special summer camp at the school, in which parents are welcome too. The students are tested in various ways to find out if they are suited to attend the school. Most of the students reside in school and return home in the weekends. The majority of teachers are Hungarians, because there is a lack of Roma teachers in Hungary, but the school tends to attract more and more teachers with Roma origins. The schools special pedagogical program in addition to the standard secondary school curriculum contains the Roma history, culture, music and mythology to. Students are required to learn two Roma languages: Boyash and Romani (Lovary). In 2000, the school graduated 18 of its original 50 students. (Source: Barry Van Driel: The Gandhi Secondary School: An experiment in Roma Education. In: The Roma Education Resource Book. 2001.)

Sightseeing of Pécs and Villány

July 7, Saturday

A sightseeing of Pécs combined with a tour to the famous nearby wine-region called Villány also available on 7th July 2007 for those who registered. This one-day guided tour by bus and on foot will provide an introduction to the hectic cultural life of the city. After the city-tour, a delicious Hungarian meal served in a wine cellar of Villány will continue the day. During the meal you can taste some of the best wines of Europe.

The sightseeing tour on foot starts at 1pm from the "Virág" Sweet Shop (Virág Cukrászda) located at the southwest corner of Széchényi tér (the main square) and will return about two hours later. A bus leaves from here around 3pm to the cellar at Villány and returns at about 9pm to the first meeting point. We are looking forward to host you at this program with a friendly, non-academic atmosphere.

Please wear leasure (or rainproof in case) clothing and bring warm cover with you in respect to the lower temperature of the wine-cellar.