Free coach

There is a free transfer available for about 40 persons. The coach provided by the Faculty of Law will be ready for check in an hour before departure. To use this service you can registrate via e-mail. Please check the timetable below.

From Budapest airport to Pécs

From: Ferihegy 2 Airport, Budapest
Time: 4th July 2007, 3 pm
To: Kossuth tér, Pécs

From Pécs to Budapest airport

From: Kossuth tér, Pécs
Time: 8th July 2007, 6 am
To: Ferihegy 2 Airport, Budapest

By train:
Timetable of the Hungarian railways:
International timetable:
From Budapest we recommend you to take an Inter-City train. You are advised not to take a regular train instead of an Inter-City even if it leaves somewhat earlier, because IC's are much faster and more comfortable than regular trains. You will have to pay full fare with seat reservation. That will cost around 3.000 HUF (~13 Euros).

By car:
Let's have a look at this route planer: Note: If you are using one of the motorways, you have to buy a motorway vignette. See also:

By plane:
There are flights to Budapest only. In Pécs there is no airport.
Budapest (Ferihegy) Airport:
There are a lot of flights to Budapest. The following low-cost fare airlines have flights to Budapest:
1. Sky Europe
2. Wizz Air
3. Germanwings
4. Ryanair
5. EasyJet
6. Air-Berlin
7. Jet2
And also all the big air companies have flights to Budapest.

By coach:
You may travel to Budapest or to Pécs by coach lines as well. (Directly to Pécs only from Germany.)
To Pécs: (Only from Germany, from Augsburg, Frankfurt am Main, München, Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Ulm, Würzburg)
To Budapest: or


The ICML11 organising team do not deal with accomodation issues. Please book your room individually. About 130 rooms, however, are available for booking in Hotel Palatinus and Hotel Patria for the participants till early June. These single or double bed rooms provide different services so the price can vary. When booking in these hotels you can refer to ICML11.

Hotel Pátria

Hotel Information and Location:
Pécs is a historic town at the foot of the Mecsek Mountains in Southern Transdanubia. The three-star Hotel Patria is located in the town centre. The historical monuments, museums and galleries are nearby. Most of the rooms have balcony decorated with Zsolnay ceramics. The balconies provide a panoramic view of Pécs.

Hotel services:
Wireless Internet * Wheelchair access * Vegetarian kitchen * Own garden * Guarded parking * Parking * Bus parking area * Restaurant * Café * Function rooms * Conference rooms * Central safe * Phone in room * TV in room * Radio in room * Minibar * Non-smoking room * Room-service * Pets allowed * Laundry * 24-hour open reception * Movie channel * Business centre * Air-conditioning * Internet connection

Hotel information:
Hotel Patria
Category: ***
7621 Pécs, Rákóczi út 3.
Phone: +36 72 889-500, Fax: +36 72 889-506
Room reservation:
Phone: +36 72 889-550, Fax: +36 72 889-506

Hotel Palatinus

Hotel Information and Location:
The hotel was built at the beginning of the century and was recently refurbished completely. The elegant banquet hall, where Béla Bartók once performed, was restored to its former splendour. This grand art-deco building offers all modern comforts and facilities. The three-star Hotel Palatinus is situated in the historic inner-city, in the walking street directly opposite the Széchenyi square.

Hotel services:
Business centre * Central safe * 24-hour open reception * Organisation of Programmes * Function rooms * Conference rooms * Wireless Internet * Restaurant * Vegetarian kitchen * Colour TV in room * Movie channel * Direct dial phone in room * Radio in room * Minibar * Air-conditioning in some of the rooms * Non-smoking rooms * Room-service * Pets allowed * Laundry * Massage * Sauna * Steam Bath * Solarium * Garage

Hotel information:
Hotel Palatinus
Category: ***
7621 Pécs, Király u. 5.
Phone: +36 72 889-400, Fax: +36 72 889-438
Room reservation:
Phone: +36 72 889-467, Fax: +36 72 889-462


Amstel Café Hotel  


Aranyhajó Fogadó***


Aranyhegy Panzió


Avar Panzió


Ábrahám Kishotel


Bagolyvár Fogadó


Bavaria Panzió


Berg Toboz Panzió


Delanta Panzió


Delta Hotel


Diána Kishotel


Familia Apartman Panzió


Főnix Hotel**


Fenyves Panoráma Hotel ***


Kertész Panzió


Kálvária-Rácz Hotel***


Hotel Mediterrán***


Kikelet Hotel ***


Laterum Hotel***


Lenau Ház




Hotel Makártanya Sport & Wellness***


Mecsek Panzió


Millennium Hotel***



MTA Székház


Kezdő Kör Panzió


Monika Panzió


Palatinus Hotel ***


Pátria Hotel ***


PTE Hunyor Vendégház


Szalon Király Fogadó


Szamárkút Panzió


Szent Ágoston Hotel


Szent György Fogadó***


Szinbád Panzió


Valcsics Villa Panzió


Várfal Fogadó***


Hotel Central***



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